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The burn injury lawyers at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law represent victims of serious electrical burn injuries throughout the New York City area, including in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, as well as in Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. Many of the Bronx burn injury lawyers that work on our team have received honors from their peers recognizing them as representing the top of their fields, and have collectively won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for burn injury accident victims across New York City over many years. Because we know how important your burn accident case is to you and your family, we make sure that each client of Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law has direct access to the attorney handling their case, rather than solely to an assistant or paralegal. In order to ensure that each injured person who seeks our assistance receives the individual care and attention that they need, not to mention the necessary financial resources to ensure that cases are prepared properly with medical and other important expert witnesses, we carefully limit our volume of cases. Our 95 percent success rate at trial and in negotiations demonstrates our commitment both to our clients and to our own professional excellence.

Our team of burn injury attorneys has extensive experience helping people who have suffered injuries from various causes, such as car accidents and construction accidents, and addressing specific types of injuries. Certain types of injuries require particular care and attention in both a medical and a legal sense. Electrical burns and other types of burn injuries often involve complicated medical care and treatment, and also involve situations in which proving negligence in a burn accident lawsuit is a complicated task which should only be trusted to experienced burn injury lawyers. Asserting a claim for compensation following an accident usually requires establishing a chain of causation between one or more negligent acts by the defendant (or negligent failures to act) and our client’s injuries. In the case of burn injuries, this always requires a close review of medical records, followed by a careful preparation of the claim to ensure that the case is prepared in a way in which defense attorneys, insurance adjusters and a jury can fully appreciate the extraordinary amount of pain and suffering experienced by a burn injury victim.

What Is an Electrical Burn?

Burn injuries most directly affect the skin, but the damage can extend deeper to other organs. Even first-degree burns can be painful and debilitating. Second-degree burns can cause scarring and other injuries. The most severe burns, known as third-degree burns, can cause disfigurement and even death

Thermal burns, resulting from direct contact with heat, are perhaps the most well-known type of burn, but they are far from the only type. Chemical burns usually result from contact with dangerous substances, such as when a construction worker is not provided with the proper protective gear, thus exposing him or her to dangerous chemicals. By contrast, direct contact with electricity causes electrical burns. This might include contact with a live wire or other object, contact with a short-circuiting electrical device, a failure to properly ground a piece of electrical equipment, or contact with water that is in contact with live electricity.

Electrical burns can be divided between low-voltage and high-voltage burns. “Low-voltage” usually means a source of electricity with 500 or fewer volts. Even a low-voltage burn can cause severe damage, however, depending on the location and duration of contact with the body of a burn injury victim. Unlike many other types of burn injuries, the physical appearance of the burned skin may not fully indicate the extent of the damage. Since electricity can pass through the entire human body instantaneously upon contact with a live source of electricity, electrical burns can cause severe damage to deeper tissues and internal organs, which can result in severe and permanent disabilities and even the wrongful death of the burn injury victim.

A significant number of electrical burns result from on-the-job injuries. People who work on power lines obviously face substantial risks, along with people who work on or near train tracks that use electricity, which is commonly known as the third rail. Construction jobs can also involve a serious risk of electrical burns, and failures to make sure that power tools and other sources of electricity are kept in safe working order on the job can result in liablity for owners and general contractors on construction sites under Labor Law Section 241(6).

Seeking Compensation for an Electrical Burn in New York

In order to assert a claim for injuries caused by electrical burns, a victim must present evidence that the burn resulted from a breach of a duty of care that was owed to them. For example, an employer that fails to ensure that live electrical wires are properly secured could be liable for injuries caused by contact with those wires. An owner of a swimming pool could be liable under a premises liability theory if they fail to prevent a source of electricity from coming into contact with the water. If the responsible party is a government agency, a notice of claim may be required before going to court. Our team of burn injury lawyers will listen to your story, analyze the facts of your case, and help you understand the legal framework into which your burn injury claims fit so that you have the knowledge necessary to know how best to pursue compensation if you suffer a serious burn injury.

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