Bronx Lawyers Advocating for Victims Suffering from Serious Burns

The Bronx burn injury attorneys at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law represent victims of a wide range of accidents, such as explosions or chemical exposure, throughout the New York City area. Our burn injury lawyers will work tirelessly, and will spare no expense, to properly prove your burn accident case and fight for the maximum amount of compensation available to you under the law if you have suffered third-degree burns due to the negligence of another. Our 95 percent success rate, both in the courtroom and in settlement negotiations, speaks for itself. Every client of the burn injury lawyers at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law has direct access to their attorney if they have questions, and can expect to feel like a member of the team that will fight on their behalf during the pendency of their case. In order to ensure that we can give each client the attention that they need, we limit the number of cases that we accept, thus making the appropriate financial and legal resources available to every case.

Situations Causing Burn Injuries

Despite everything great that New York City has to offer, it can be a dangerous place. Injuries can result from car accidents, falls, or on-the-job accidents, to name only a few hazards. Various acts of negligence, such as failures to maintain fire safety standards, can also result in injuries being caused by fire, heat, or electricity. Burn injuries can be among the most painful injuries possible, and they can cause severe scarring and disfigurement without prompt medical attention

The most common type of burn injury, known as a thermal burn, is caused by direct contact with heat. This could involve an open flame or an explosion, or contact with an overheated surface or scalding water. Electrical burns result from direct contact with an electrical current. Chemical burns are caused by contact with certain materials found in both industrial and consumer products. Sodium hydroxide, for example, is found in numerous cleaning products, and it is also used in landfills to dissolve organic materials. Hydrofluoric acid is used in products like paint thinners and rust removers.

Third-Degree Burns

The severity of a burn injury is defined in part by how many layers of skin tissue are affected. Third-degree burns, also known as full thickness burns, are more serious than first- or second-degree burns. They cause more damage and usually result in scarring, although they are often less painful. This is because the burn injury penetrates through enough layers of skin to damage the nerve endings. Pain is likely to occur, however, as the nerve endings heal. Infection is also a serious risk. Third-degree burns often appear white or brown and have a leathery texture. Recovery, to the extent that recovery is possible, often takes months or longer and often requires long hospital admissions, in-patient rehabilitation, skin grafts and other painful and expensive surgeries

Personal Injury Claims Based on Burn Injuries

Victims of serious burns in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York City can hold another party accountable for causing their injuries, whether this is a careless driver, a property owner, a product manufacturer, or another person or entity. Product liability claims are based on a theory of strict liability, which means that a manufacturer can be held responsible for a product defect regardless of the level of care that it used. However, personal injury claims in most other situations require showing that the defendant acted negligently. This may mean simply that they did not use the care that a reasonable person would have used, or a different standard of care may apply that is more specific to the situation. Plaintiffs may be able to recover damages for their medical bills, costs of future procedures like skin grafts, and their pain and suffering

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