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We all rely on auto repair shops to keep our vehicles working properly to ensure that we can travel safely, even after a serious mechanical issue. However, car repair shops in New York City sometimes perform improper repairs as a result of negligence, and when an improper repair results in a car accident, the mechanics may be held liable for any injuries sustained in the car crash caused by their improper repairs. It can be challenging to understand the exact causes of an accident and to establish liability for injuries when improper repairs are involved. In these cases, you will have to hire expert engineers to give opinions regarding the negligent nature of the repairs, and to establish a causal link between the improper repairs and the accident in which you were injured. At Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, our Bronx car accident attorney can help you bring a car accident lawsuit against the repair shop and other responsible parties to recover damages if you are the victim of a car accident caused by improper repairs to your vehicle, or to a vehicle owned or driven by another person.

The Consequences of Improper Repair Car Accidents are Deadly Serious

Licensed mechanics are supposed to keep cars in safe, working condition in accordance with professional standards. When you bring your car in for service, mechanics undertake a duty to properly diagnose mechanical problems and properly repair any problems to ensure that all of the safety mechanisms within the vehicle are functioning properly, that all of the mechanical components of the vehicle are working properly, and that car accidents can be avoided. The work must be conducted in line with industry standard practices among those in the mechanical and auto repair fields. Some repair shops do post disclaimers stating that they will not be responsible for accidents arising from repairs, but these boilerplate disclaimers do not bar you from bringing a car accident lawsuit against the repair shop to hold them accountable for injuries arising out of negligent repairs that cause you injury in a car crash.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident that you suspect arose from improper repairs, our team of expert car accident lawyers will help you file a lawsuit against the repair shop to hold them responsible for your injuries. Car accident lawsuits based upon improper repairs are brought under a theory of negligence. To prove negligence, it must be proven that it is more likely than not that the auto repair shop owed you a duty to repair your vehicle according to generally-accepted industry standards and in a safe and proper manner, this duty to properly repair your car was breached by virtue of the repair having been done in an improper manner that created a risk of a car accident, the substandard repair caused your car accident, and you suffered serious injuries as a result. At Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, we have a long track record of successfully holding auto repair shops accountable for performing negligent repairs that cause serious car accidents in the Bronx and New York City, and offer you and your family a free consultation to explain how we can help you do the same.

Substandard repairs to one part of a vehicle can often result in damage to other parts of the vehicle in the course of repairing a problem. This type of egregious negligence can cause serious car accidents, and establishing fault for such negligence is not always easy without the skilled analysis of an engineer or expert auto mechanic after a car crash Body shops can also be negligent in failing to complete necessary repairs for which a driver has brought their vehicle to the shop in the first place. This type of carelessness on the part of the body shop results in the driver leaving the body shop thinking that their car has been fixed, but unfortunately, due to the negligence of the body shop in failing to complete the necessary work on the vehicle, the driver is still in danger due to a malfunctioning car when they drive away from the body shop. Other forms of body shop negligence include the installation of an incorrect replacement part, the installation of a defective auto part, the performance of repairs on the wrong part of the car (leaving the real problem unaddressed), an improper diagnosis of a problem, allowing unqualified mechanics to complete the work, or leaving a tool behind in the vehicle that interferes with the proper functioning of your car.

Suppose, for example, that you took your car to a mechanic and complained that you were having trouble stopping smoothly and were hearing a loud shrieking sound coming from under your vehicle when you hit the brakes. The mechanic examined your vehicle, diagnosed a problem with the braking system and simply tuned up your brakes and replaced the brake pads. However, imagine further that the mechanic failed to check whether the brake disc itself was damaged, though had he done so he would have seen that your brake discs were worn down and rough so that the brake calipers could not grip the brake discs and allow your car to stop properly. After the repair is completed, you drive home from the repair shop, and, as you approach a stop sign, hit your brakes but are unable to brake in time to stop at a stop sign due to the damage to your disc brakes that the mechanic failed to diagnose. The result is a serious T-bone accident that leaves you partially paralyzed, with broken bones and serious disfiguring scarring due to your car catching on fire and causing you burn injuries. Under these circumstances, you would be able to file a car accident lawsuit against the mechanic that failed to diagnose your damaged disc brakes and hold it to account for failing to recognize and remedy the mechanical problem for which you came to him for service.

In addition to suing a negligent mechanic, there are situations in which your attorney may try to hold a product manufacturer liable under a theory of strict liability for defects related to design or manufacturing of the vehicle in which you were driving when you were involved in a car accident. This type of case, known as “products liability”, is brought under a theory of strict liability. If the product (in this case, a car) was defective when it was put into the “stream of commerce” (i.e., when it was manufactured and sold), you can recover damages against the manufacturer of the vehicle without proving the elements of a negligence claim, but simply by showing, through expert opinions, that the product was defective and caused you harm. Our team of car accident lawyers can help you determine whether your car accident was the result of an improper car repair, or whether you may have a products liability action against the manufacturer of your car or any of its component parts.

Our Dedicated Car Crash Attorneys are Standing by to Help You if You are Injured

If you are seriously injured in a rear-end collision or any other type of car crash that occurred as a result of improper repairs to your vehicle, you need aggressive representation to ensure that your case can be proven and you can obtain the compensation that you deserve. Our team of expert car accident lawyers have developed a network of expert witnesses in key disciplines, including engineers, doctors, psychiatrists, forensics experts, and safety professionals, to prove your car accident lawsuit was the result of the negligence of another. Because we are very selective in the cases we accept, we are able to dedicate the proper resources to pay for top experts and cutting-edge investigative techniques to ensure that your proof at trial is compelling and persuasive. This way, we can also dedicate the time and energy necessary for effective trial preparation that is key to winning car accident lawsuits. If we accept your case, we put up all of the money necessary for case expenses and you do not have to pay us one penny back unless we win your case. For a free consultation and no-obligation investigation of your case by our car crash attorneys, call us at (718) 354-8000 or contact us through our online form. We represent injured people in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties.