Construction Accident

There are plenty of inherent risks to working in the construction industry. Construction accidents are responsible for the injuries or deaths of thousands of workers every year. These accidents account for one in five workplace fatalities.

If you have suffered a construction accident in the Bronx or lost a loved one, reach out to a Bronx Construction Accident Attorney for a free consultation about your injury claim. Your construction accident attorney will be able to guide you through complicated legal matters.  

They also can point out all the parties that could be liable for your injuries. For example, construction workers and their injuries may be caused by the construction site owners, the developers, general contractors (or construction managers), and sub-contractors. In some cases,  manufacturers of faulty equipment could also bear responsibility.

Bronx Construction Accident Attorney Duties

Your attorney will ask you to provide them with all the documentation you possess related to the accident to get started. This might include medical records and bills related to the injury, as well as information on your insurance policy.

In many cases, a construction worker injured in an accident will be entitled to workers’ compensation insurance coverage; and your Bronx construction accident attorneys could help you to secure those benefits.  

Once they’ve gathered all the necessary documentation, your injured construction workers’ legal team will begin their investigation. They will investigate your construction site accident down to the minute details to determine what happened and who is responsible. 

Your Bronx personal injury attorney will do the following to protect your claim: 

  • Review any camera footage that captured the construction site accident
  • Gather the accident reports put together by the various players on the job site 
  • Determine what the police records say about it
  • Interview any possible witnesses
  • Build your case using all of the information gathered from the investigation
  • Advocate with the insurance company on your behalf

A personal injury claim may be settled before even going to court. Prior to trial, your Bronx construction accident lawyer could meet with the defense to negotiate your case to get you the best settlement possible. In fact, many Bronx construction accident victims receive large and fair settlements.  However, if negotiations prove unsuccessful, your construction accident attorney will try and recover your economic damages and non-economic damages in court at trial.

Common Types of Construction Accidents In Bronx NY

Bronx NY employers must obtain specific permits, have frequent inspections, and place job safety programs to prevent or limit accidents in the workplace. Unfortunately, sometimes speed trumps safety protocols leading to Bronx NY construction site accidents. 

If you are an injured construction worker due to poor adherence to workplace safety regulations, then you may be able to recover damages with a personal injury lawsuit. In addition, defective products, negligence employers, and employees who fail to adhere to established safety protocols and procedures could also cause accidents.  

Here are some of the most common causes of Bronx construction site accidents:

  • Insufficient or inadequate training for employees
  • Ignored safety protocols
  • Accidents with cranes or hoists
  • Harness accidents
  • Accidents due to collapsed structures
  • Equipment that is not adequately maintained or used
  • Accidents related to compressed gases
  • Mechanical risks
  • Exposure to toxic substances or fumes
  • Falls from elevators
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Scaffolding that collapses
  • Tools that are misused
  • Defective equipment
  • Slips and falls
  • Electrical or welding accidents
  • Falling objects

If you’re experiencing emotional distress because you were injured on a construction site, have a free consultation with a Bronx workers’ compensation attorney. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover your enjoyment of life and recover the damages you may be entitled to. They also have experience in many legal representation practice areas that support accident victims, and injured workers recover the compensation they deserve. 

Common Construction Accident Injuries in New York City

Fall on Construction Site

Workers on construction sites could experience the following injuries:

  • Burns
  • Electrocution
  • Eye injury, including vision impairment or blindness
  • Broken bones
  • Knee and ankle injury
  • Neck, shoulder, or back injury
  • Spinal cord injury, including damage that can cause paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Illnesses caused by toxic chemical exposure
  • Head injury or brain injury
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Construction accident victims can file a New York Workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. In the most tragic of cases, the injuries sustained by the construction worker could be fatal. Speak with an experienced Bronx construction accident attorney as soon as possible. Additionally, avoid making any statements to insurance companies before you speak with a personal injury lawyer. 

Steps To Take After Your Bronx, New York Construction Accident

Your first action after an accident should always be to seek medical attention. Whether you are taken to an emergency room, go to your primary care physician, or receive care from any health professional, it is crucial to save all doctor’s instructions and medical bills. In addition, this information may be vital to the law office handling your claim. 

It is also vital for you to give your employer written notice about what happened. Make a note of their response and adhere to the instructions you were given. Here are some more steps that you can take after your construction incident:

  • Speak with witnesses, including fellow workers, about what happened and take a written record of their testimonies and personal information
  • Take pictures and videos of the scene of the construction site, the equipment that caused it, and any other identifying item that may help you document what happened
  • Collect hospital or medical records, including x-rays, scans, doctor reports, and physical therapy records
  • Explore all of your legal options by reaching out to a construction accidents lawyer in New York

Construction Accident Damages

Construction sites can be dangerous. Bronx construction accidents can cause their victims and family members to suffer from physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Additionally, injured workers might have lost wages from not being able to work and they might have accumulated medical bills.  Extensive medical bills can certainly cause unending financial stress, in addition to the pain and trauma of suffering a severe injury.

Should your injury become permanent, it will have an impact on your life. That is why your construction accident lawyer in New York may be able to help you recover the following damages:

  • Lost Wages
  • Lost union benefits (such as pension benefits, medical insurance, vacation pay, etc.)
  • Medical expenses now and in the future
  • Costs of receiving psychological counseling
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Funds to cover either your mortgage or rent payments
  • Damage to your property
  • Ongoing living expenses which you cannot tend to
  • Pain and suffering
  • In cases of death, the economic loss suffered by your family

Speak with a New York City accident lawyer today if you’ve been involved in a Bronx construction incident because you may be entitled to damages in your claim. 

FAQs on Bronx Construction Accident Lawyers

Should I get a construction accident attorney in New York?

It is always recommended to have the help of an experienced law firm during a construction accident case. Handling the legal case on your own could be a mistake. Federal and state laws regarding these accidents could be too complex for someone without experience in workers’ compensation benefits, insurance companies, and related practice areas.  It can also become emotionally overwhelming. 

You don’t have to do it alone. An experienced Bronx construction accident lawyer can help you get the damages and compensation you are entitled to. 

Properly litigating a New York construction accident lawsuit can be expensive; your construction accident lawyer can work contingently so you can focus on your recovery. In addition, a lawyer will be much more skilled at negotiating your settlement with claims adjusters and the defense when litigation is needed. An established attorney-client relationship will also be confidential, and your lawyer will work in favor of your best interests.

What Type of Claims or Lawsuits Result from Construction Accidents??

For construction accidents in the Bronx, New York, your legal team can help you pursue one or all of the following types of claims. Keep in mind that your lawyer could advise you to pursue more than one simultaneously.

Workers’ Compensation

Suppose an employee gets injured on the job. In that case, they may not bring a personal injury lawsuit against their employers because they are entitled to receive their compensation insurance benefits.

If you are trying to claim workers’ compensation benefits, you first must prove that you have been injured, no matter what circumstances brought about the accident. You will have to document and provide medical proof that you were injured and missed out on work due to that injury.  Your construction accident lawyer in New York can help you organize the evidence you need for your worker’s compensation claim. They can also explain what benefits you are entitled to under New York’s Workers’ Compensation laws.

Once your claim has been accepted, you will receive the worker’s comp benefits to which you are entitled. In these cases, your lawyer may help you bring an additional claim against third parties to maximize the recovery of damages.

Personal Injury and New York Labor Law Claims

You could be entitled to damage recovery through a personal injury lawsuit. If a third party, such as a property owner, breached their duty of care, you could sue them for negligence.  

You can also bring claims under the New York Labor Law against your job site’s owner, general contractor, or construction manager if you can prove that any or all of these parties violated a portion of the law which caused your accident.

Product Liability Lawsuits

If you were injured because you were using a product that turned out to be defective, your lawyer can bring a suit against any negligent party part of the chain of distribution. For example, tools and other equipment used on the job may fail because they are defective, leading to severe injuries. 

When this happens, the injured party may recover compensation from the manufacturer and the wholesaler or anyone else involved in the distribution chain.

Wrongful Death Claims

When workers lose their lives on the job, it falls to their families to bring a wrongful death claim on their behalf. If you’re the loved one of someone killed on the job in Bronx, NY, speak with a New York city workers’ compensation and wrongful death attorney. 

Some Construction Accident Statistics

Injuries can be expensive for all parties involved. Even non-fatal construction injuries cost companies millions of dollars every year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that, in 2018, construction accident deaths accounted for 47% of all fatal work injuries. 

The construction industry is responsible for the most fatal falls (51% of all) in the United States. A construction worker with a long career (around 45 years) has a 1 in 200 chance of dying because of a work-related accident.

Fatal Occupational Injuries

OSHA has estimated that 10% of all construction workers are injured every year. Over half of all serious injuries go unreported and never recover compensation. In addition, more than 103 million production days in 2018 were lost due to work-related injuries, according to the National Safety Council. 

More frequent and practical training, accompanied by regular inspections and periodic health and safety meetings with supervisors, serve to lower costs, increase profits, and reduce lost-time injuries. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer if you have any questions about protecting your workers’ rights.

Can anything be learned from these and other construction industry data?

The Bronx, New York construction industry carries many risks. However, suppose adequate safety and health protocols are implemented. In that case, the equipment is inspected and updated frequently, and actions are taken to eliminate hazards such as falling objects and electrocution; many unnecessary deaths can be prevented.

Occupational safety in the Bronx, New York, should be regarded as a top priority in the construction industry. Therefore, all construction workers should attend regular training and safety meetings, no matter how many years they have been doing this work.

If you work in the construction industry in Bronx, New York, or are contemplating a job in construction, you should request adequate and frequent training programs from your employers. Also, wearing safety gear every day and taking all the safety measures can help ensure you do not become just one more construction accident statistic.

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