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The Bronx construction accident lawyers at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law represent people throughout the Greater New York City area who have been injured in accidents on the job. We take special pride in counting many members of the trades and trade unions that have been injured in serious construction accidents among our long list of satisfied clients and friends. We know that many of the construction workers across the city are union workers, and that they have worked hard to obtain union membership and the benefits that come with union work. We take injuries to union laborers and tradesmen very seriously, as we understand the unique contours of construction injury claims involving union tradesmen, which generally involve more complex and sizeable economic losses than cases involving non-union workers who are injured on the job.

Our construction lawyers have substantial financial resources behind them, and know how to build a case that takes into account all of the unique economic benefits and losses that accrue to union workers when they are injured and disabled from working in construction due to negligence. We will hire the proper site safety and engineering experts, economists and vocational rehabilitation experts to prove negligence, as well as to demonstrate the true economic cost and future prospects of a union laborer or tradesman who has been disabled from working due to negligence or violations of the New York Labor Law which causes a catastrophic construction accident.

We understand the pain, stress, and financial uncertainty that can come with being involved in an accident at work, whether it is caused by a failure to provide safety equipment or another lapse in precautions at a work site. This is why we work tirelessly to help the people whom we represent get the full compensation available. Our firm has a strong history of success in personal injury cases, and our lawyers are proud to stand by our clients in their times of need.

The Impact of a Workplace Accident for Union Workers

Union members are covered by collective bargaining agreements that usually spell out the compensation and benefits available to a worker who is injured on the job, which often include pension benefits, health benefits, vacation time, and special pay rates and overtime rates that non-union workers do not enjoy. Construction and other workers who need to miss time also have the right to seek benefits through the state workers’ compensation system and the disability insurance protection that most employers are required to carry. But these benefits may only cover a portion of your missed wages. They also do not compensate you for the impact that an injury can have on your pension and other benefits if you are forced to miss significant time from work or cannot return to the job at all. Significant missed time can push back the date on which your pension vests or reduce the total amount contributed to retirement benefits. Our construction accident lawyers are intimately familiar with the benefits available to union workers and know how to show a jury that union workers, when they are hurt on the job and cannot work anymore, often stand to lose much more than the average accident victim.

The good news is that union workers have the right to seek compensation for missed benefits from those responsible for an injury. In New York, the Labor Law generally provides that the owner and general contractor of a job site are the proper targets of a construction accident lawsuit; however, in certain circumstances, subcontractors may also be responsible for injuries suffered on a job site. To hold them responsible, you almost always need to file a lawsuit if you want to have a prayer of obtaining full compensation. It is important to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible after being injured, and our attorneys are standing by to assist you and your family seek compensation if you are injured.

Construction companies are required by law to take reasonable steps to ensure their workers’ safety. That means providing certain safeguards for heavy and dangerous machinery, as well as making sure that the people authorized to use that equipment are trained and capable of doing so. It also means ensuring that the site is well-lit and that any safety hazards are promptly addressed. A construction company that does not live up to this responsibility is likely to be liable for any injuries that happen as a result.

New York law also extends some specific protections to workers performing certain jobs on a construction site. Section 240 of the Labor Law applies to workers who do their jobs at high elevation, including on large commercial and residential buildings and other skyscrapers. The law obligates contractors to provide certain equipment to help keep those workers safe. Similarly, Labor Law Section 241 requires construction companies to provide specific equipment for excavation and demolition work and other jobs.

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