How do I Find the Best NY Personal Injury Lawyer for my Case?

Choosing the right personal injury attorney to represent you in your personal injury case is an extremely important decision. Though it is true that there are many well-qualified, experienced New York personal injury lawyers to choose from, choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case is not always about picking the lawyer that promises you the most money based on their past results. Remember: Every case is different, and the results that a personal injury lawyer has achieved in the past does not in any way guarantee you the same type of success in your case.

First and foremost, you should make sure that you select a personal injury lawyer with whom you are personally comfortable, with whom you have a good personal rapport, and who you think you can firmly trust. You must trust that, when your personal injury lawyer tells you something, it is the truth; you must believe that your personal injury lawyer has your best interests in mind, not their own best interests. This is because you and your personal injury lawyer will be working together as a team to win your case; your personal injury lawyer, no matter how much experience he or she has, cannot be successful without a solid partnership of trust with you, the client. After all, it is your personal injury case, and you need a personal injury lawyer who understands your case and its effects on your life so that he or she can effectively advocate on your behalf. You must be comfortable putting your future in your personal injury lawyer’s hands, and trust that he or she will do what is best for your and your family’s future.

For example, in searching for a personal injury lawyer, you should be wary of any attorneys who do not speak to or meet with you personally during the interview process, as this may indicate that, as your case proceeds, the lawyer may leave the handling of your case to his or her staff and not give it the personal attention that it deserves. Also, as your case proceeds, if your personal injury attorney does not communicate openly with you, taking your calls and answering your questions about your case, you should be concerned. You need to be able to trust the advice that your personal injury attorney gives you as the case proceeds; as, for example, if a settlement offer is made and you have to decide between accepting a settlement and taking your case to trial, you need to be able to trust that your lawyer is giving you advice with your best interests in mind rather than his or her own. If you and your lawyer do not have an open line of honest communication, it may be hard to trust that they truly have your best interests in mind.

Two other extremely important factors in selecting a personal injury attorney include their firm’s level of experience with cases similar to yours, as well as the firm’s ability to finance your case however expensive the litigation may become. Experience is important because, if a personal injury lawyer has been involved in similar cases in the past, he or she is much more likely to be able to anticipate and account for issues that may arise as the case proceeds. Experience will allow the personal injury attorney to create a winning strategy from the beginning, rather than having to play catch-up with the defense team who is likely to be comprised of very experienced defense attorneys whose mission it is to prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve. Finally, because personal injury litigation can require the expenditure of astronomical amounts of money over the course of many years (by, for example, hiring qualified experts, preparing convincing exhibits to illustrate key concepts for the jury at trial, filing costly appeals, etc.), picking a personal injury law firm with the financial wherewithal to finance your case from inception and also to be able to stay in the fight as long as it may last is key to being able to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Client Testimonials
When I got hurt after falling on a scaffold on a construction site, I could not work in construction anymore and did not know how I could support my family. I turned to Jesse Minc and I am very happy that I met him. He also discusses my case in Spanish with me when I want to, and that always made me feel comfortable. I believe that he is the best lawyer in New York City and I would recommend him to anybody who is injured. Hector Vargas, Bronx, New York
After I was very badly hurt in a construction accident and could not work anymore, I turned to Jesse Minc. I have had a lot of lawyers over the years, but he is the best I ever had. Because I was a member of Local 6A Concrete Workers Union, I lost a lot of benefits, my pension and income when I got hurt and he made sure I understood how I could recover what I had lost. He and his team have been a Godsend to me and my family, and I am so glad that I chose him to represent us. Luke Rosa, Bronx, New York
My experience with Jesse Minc's firm was very rewarding. I personally dealt with Jesse Minc, who was a class act as my lawyer. He was always on call with any questions or help I needed in the process of my lawsuit. Jesse recovered a high six figure sum for a slip and fall accident I endured. He got the case settled in a reasonable time. If you are in need of lawyers for a lawsuit in New York City I highly recommend Jesse Minc's firm, they got me a very high settlement and were there for me personally every step of the way. Thanks to all the lawyers and staff. Salvador Ruiz, Brooklyn, New York
When I got hurt on a construction site and could not work anymore, one of my brothers from the Concrete Workers Local 6A union recommended Jesse Minc to be my lawyer and I am very happy I picked him to represent me. He really does have the human touch that a lot of lawyers lack. I would recommend Jesse Minc to anyone injured in a construction accident because he will fight to the end of the earth for his clients. Joseph Toro, Bronx, New York