When undergoing surgery, you truly put your life in the hands of the doctors, and when a doctor betrays that trust by committing medical negligence and medical malpractice in administering anesthesia, the resulting injuries can be horrendous. Whether the error is due to a mistake in the placement of a needle during local anesthesia (which may cause nerve damage) or overuse of general anesthesia (which can cause a lack of oxygen to the brain and brain damage), the results of this type of medical negligence can leave patients with a lifetime of disability, pain and suffering. Medical malpractice lawsuits involving anesthesia medical negligence are complicated, and proving that a doctor or hospital violated accepted standards of care in the administration of anesthesia is always difficult. The doctors are constantly changing the rules of the game to avoid being held responsible for medical malpractice relating to anesthesia. You need New York medical malpractice attorneys who know how to keep your medical malpractice lawsuit ahead of their game.

You need medical malpractice lawyers who understand applicable standards of care and will identify and prove anesthesia-related medical negligence if you want to succeed. That is what we offer to you and your family in your time of need. If you think that you have been the victim of anesthesia error medical negligence and medical malpractice, call my New York and Bronx medical malpractice law firm today at (718) 354-8000 for a free consultation. My team of experienced medical negligence attorneys will tell you whether you are entitled to compensation for your medical malpractice injuries.