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The Bronx misdiagnosis lawyers at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law represent people throughout the Greater New York City area who have been victimized by the careless practice of medicine at the hands of doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals. Among the most serious, and common, forms of medical malpractice is the failure to diagnose internal bleeding or a bowel obstruction. Most commonly, this type of malpractice occurs in a hospital setting. Often, patients come in to an emergency room with complaints that correlate with a diagnosis of a bowel obstruction or internal bleeding, but their complaints are ignored or misread by the hospital staff. When such a misdiagnosis occurs, the patient’s condition continues to deteriorate until the misdiagnosis is corrected; sometimes, this correction comes too late, and the patient suffers permanent damage, or even death, due to this serious medical malpractice.

Our malpractice attorneys have obtained millions in compensation for victims of medical malpractice whose doctors have failed to diagnose internal bleeding or bowel obstructions, an error that can come with significant consequences for the victim of such malpractice. Our misdiagnosis lawyers combine decades of experience to help the people whom we represent in medical malpractice cases obtain the compensation that they deserve. We offer free consultations and investigations, including the gathering of your medical records, with no strings attached. You pay not one penny of our expenses, nor do you owe us any legal fees whatsoever, unless we win your case by settlement or collection upon a judgment after a jury verdict.

Internal bleeding is a serious medical condition that often happens as a result of physical trauma, like being in a car accident. There are also a number of more subtle causes, however, including gastrointestinal problems and organ damage. It can be difficult to diagnose, at least immediately, since internal bleeding is not readily visible. Bowel obstruction similarly may not carry any external signs that make it readily diagnosable. This condition refers to a blockage in the large intestine that prevents food and gas from passing. Both conditions can cause significant injuries and even death in some cases if they are not properly treated.

However, even though the diagnosis is not one which is as easily made as, for example, a broken ankle, doctors and hospital staff are obligated to take the right tests, ask the right questions of the patient, and properly interpret test results and symptoms to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Their failure to properly diagnose a bowel obstruction or internal bleeding can be the basis for a successful medical malpractice lawsuit if the patient’s test results and symptoms should lead them to the correct answer. As professionals, patients rely on doctors to do this correctly; and if a doctor departs from the standard of care and fails to diagnose a bowel obstruction or internal bleeding that he or she is expected to diagnose, medical malpractice may have occurred entitling the victim to compensation.

Legal Remedies for a Failure to Diagnose Internal Bleeding or Bowel Obstruction

If you or a loved one has been injured by a doctor’s failure to diagnose internal bleeding or a bowel obstruction, you have the right to seek compensation from those responsible. Common forms of money damages in these cases include compensation for current and future medical bills, missed wages and any reduction in your earning capacity as a result of the injury, and pain, suffering, and emotional distress. If a patient dies due to medical malpractice, his or her spouse has the right to seek similar damages for wrongful death.

To prove malpractice, your Bronx attorney will need to show that the doctor who failed to properly diagnose you did not live up to what courts call a “duty of care.” Doctors and other medical professionals are expected to provide a certain standard of care to patients, which varies depending on the circumstances. A health care professional who does not meet this standard (i.e., they have “departed” from the standard of care) may be held liable for any injuries that he or she causes as a result of this departure. An important question in medical malpractice cases is whether a reasonable doctor would have acted differently under the same circumstances. If a doctor or hospital departs from the standard of care and proximately causes a patient harm, compensation is owed, and our Bronx medical malpractice lawyers will help you and your family obtain it.

Expert witnesses are essential to establishing the specific standard of care applicable in a given case. You need to show that a reasonable doctor under the same circumstances would have properly diagnosed you or reached the diagnosis sooner than your doctor did, and that your injuries would have been avoided entirely, or would have been much less severe, had a departure from the standard of care not occurred. You also need to prove that the mistake proximately caused you to be injured or made an existing injury worse. That means providing detailed medical evidence to connect the dots. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you gather the necessary evidence and present it persuasively.

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