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The Bronx medical malpractice lawyers at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law are committed to representing people who have been injured by a wide range of harmful health care mistakes, ranging from surgical errors to improper monitoring of medication. Many times, when a patient gets sick, a doctor will prescribe them medication which may pose serious risks of harmful side effects, dangerous interactions with other medications, or which require constant monitoring (by blood tests, etc.) in order to ensure against organ damage or injury to important bodily systems and functions

For example, a patient diagnosed with osteomyelitis (a serious infection of the bones) may require a prescription of Gentamicin to fight the infection. In connection with this prescription, serial blood tests must be taken, and the results analyzed and monitored, to ensure that the patient does not suffer organ damage; the patient must also be educated regarding risks such as dehydration and other conditions that could cause severe damage while the patient is on a Gentamycin prescription. If the prescribing physician fails to properly monitor the patient while they are undergoing Gentamycin treatment, this can result in serious organ failure that may lead to death or a lifelong disability. This failure to monitor a medication prescription may result in a medical malpractice claim if the doctor does not properly monitor and educate the patient.

People go to doctors to get better, not worse. Our medical malpractice lawyers have committed their careers to helping clients get back on their feet after an injury by ensuring that they get the full compensation available under the law. We recognize how important it is to ensure that those responsible for your harm are made accountable. Our lawyers stand by clients at every step of the legal process, using their vast resources and experience in complex cases to advance your interests.

Medical malpractice comes in all shapes and sizes, from a failure to properly identify and treat a disease to anesthesia errors and mistakes on the operating table. However, improper monitoring of medication is a particularly harmful kind of malpractice because it may prevent a patient for getting the full benefits of their medication or open the person up to a possible overdose, harmful side effects, harmful interactions with other medications, or exacerbations of other medical issues that a patient might have. When a patient is at a hospital or otherwise under the watch of medical staff, nurses and others are expected to make sure that the person takes his or her medication appropriately and to implement certain safeguards to avoid an overdose. If they do not, those medical professionals may be liable for any injury that happens as a result.

Compensation for Injuries Caused by Improper Monitoring of Medication

If you or a loved one has been injured by improper monitoring of medication or another form of medical malpractice, you have the right to seek compensation from those responsible. The money damages typically available in these cases are generally intended to put you back in the position in which you were before the malpractice happened. You may be able to get compensation for doctors’ bills, missed wages due to time away from the job, and any reduction in your future earning capacity resulting from your injuries. Victims of malpractice also can pursue money damages for pain and suffering and other non-economic forms of harm. In tragic cases in which a person dies due to malpractice, his or her spouse has the right to seek compensation for wrongful death.

State law generally requires doctors and other health care professionals to abide by a certain “standard of care” that varies based on the circumstances. Departures from the standard of care, as defined by medical specialists in the particular field of medicine in which the treatment occurred, is the test of whether or not medical malpractice has in fact occurred. If a departure from the standard of care can be proven to have been the proximate cause of an injury, a successful medical malpractice claim is likely.

Put another way, an important question in many medical malpractice cases is whether a reasonable medical professional in the same situation would have been expected to act differently. In medication monitoring cases, for example, would a nurse have been expected to take other steps to ensure that a patient is taking his or her medication? The answer always depends on expert testimony and other medical evidence, which our Bronx attorneys are skilled at collecting.

To successfully sue for malpractice, you need to not only show that the person or entity that you are suing departed from the standard of care, but also that the departure caused you to be injured. That means presenting convincing evidence that establishes the full extent of your injuries and ties them to the improper monitoring of medication. It also means showing how those injuries would have been avoided if you had been properly medicated.

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