Public Transportation Accidents

Motor Vehicle Collision Attorneys Advocating for Victims Injured in Public Transportation Accidents

Public transportation is an essential part of life in New York City. Its necessity is obvious to our Bronx public transportation accident lawyers and to anybody who has ever tried to drive their own car in the City, and has been caught in one of the City’s famous and intolerable traffic jams. New York City has developed a vast network of trains, subways, ferries and buses to transport people around the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. The Staten Island Ferry, operated by the New York City Government, connects that borough to the rest of the city, and numerous private companies operate ferries in the Hudson and East Rivers. The state and local government agencies – most importantly, the New York City Transit Authority and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority – that operate these routes owe a duty of care to their passengers and to the general public to ensure that their vehicles – whether a bus, subway, ferry or other type of motor vehicle – are operated safely, and they must maintain their vehicles in a safe working order so as to protect their passengers and others in the same manner as any other operator of a motor vehicle must do. However, victims of public transportation accidents in New York City and the Bronx must also be aware that special rules – ranging from notice of claim requirements to immunity – apply in cases involving the government in connection with its provision of public transportation services, and you should only hire top-quality attirbets such as those at our firm who have intimate knowledge of these special rules if you want to have the best chance of success in your accident case.

The Jesse Minc Law Group’s knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys have a track record of successfully representing people who have suffered injuries in New York City public transportation vehicles, such as trains and subways, buses and ferries. We are proud to report that, as recently as October of 2017, our personal injury lawyers obtained a verdict from a Bronx jury in the amount of approximately $5,200,000.00 against the New York City Transit Authority in connection with a serious bus accident. We work tirelessly to pursue justice for our clients, as shown by our greater than 95 percent success rate in trial and at the negotiating table among the cases we accept. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, personally tailored service and obtain the maximum possible settlement or award for every client. To continue our success in accomplishing this important goal, we limit the number of cases that we accept to ensure that our clients receive the attention and resources that they need to obtain victory at trial. If you are accepted to be a client of our lawyers, you will always have direct access to the attorney handling your case, and will not be pawned off to secretaries or paralegals to answer your important questions regarding your case.

Subway and Train Accidents

The New York City Subway system runs in four of the five boroughs. With 472 stations, it is one of the world’s largest rapid transit systems, accomodating millions of passengers each day. Many people are surprised to learn that th New York City Subway is actually managed by the State of New York, rather than by the City of New York. The State of New York operates the system through the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and its subsidiary, the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA). The Staten Island Railway is operated by a separate MTA subsidiary, the Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority (SIRTOA), since it does not directly connect to the subway. The MTA operates other rail systems that connect to the city, including the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and the Metro-North Railroad (MNR). Our public transportation accident attorneys can help Bronx residents and other victims bring claims against any of these entities, as we have been successful in bringing many Bronx accident cases over the years against every single branch of the MTA.

It should come as no surprise that subway and train accidents can cause substantial injuries and damages to passengers who may become victims of the negligence of the MTA and the NYCTA in their operation of the subway system. Subway accidents occur in a variety of ways, and can include derailments, sudden and abrupt stops and starts of a train, collisions between trains and passengers who may fall onto the tracks, and accidents involving the dragging of a passenger who may become stuck in the gap between the train and the platform.

Subway derailment accidents are generally rare – though their frequency and severity has been increasing in recent years due to negligent management and maintenance of the subway system – but can cause extreme damage to a victim of a subway derailment accident. A more-frequent type of subway accident occurs when a passenger gets stuck in the gap between the train and the subway platform, and is dragged and badly injured when the subway train begins to move. These accidents are usually preventable if the conductors comply with their duties of care to passengers and check to make sure that nobody is stuck in the gap, or stuck in the subway train’s door, before departing the station; but, sadly, and despite safety rules specificlly requiring this vigilance, subway operators are often negligent and cause these serious subway accident injuries. When subway accidents occur, you should always consult with expert subway accident lawyers who know the applicable safety rules of the subways throughout the Bronx and New York City to ensure that you are properly informed of your rights to compensation if you are injured in a subway accident.

The NYCTA is responsible not only for properly training and supervising its subway train operators, and also for maintaining their trains and stations in a reasonably safe condition. Trip-and-fall accidents, as well as slip-and-fall accidents, in subway stations due to broken subway staircases, dysfunctional staircase handrails, slippery conditions, broken floor tiles, and a litany of other dangerous conditions occur on a daily basis. When these subway accidents occur, the NYCTA can be held liable for negligence in the very same manner as any other landowner. Accidents involving unsafe conditions in train and subway stations, such as defective or poorly maintained stairs or railings, can lead to injury claims based on a premises liability theory.

Bus Accidents

MTA Regional Bus Operations (RBO), a division of the MTA, operates most bus services in the city. According to the MTA, RBO operates more than 300 bus routes with a fleet of over 5,700 buses, serving about five million people each day. The RBO maintains various divisions that operate the public busses throughout the various boroughs of New York City. When a bus accident occurs anywhere within the City of New York, including in the Bronx, identifying and suing the proper division of the MTARBO is essential to obtaining compensation. Our Bronx accident attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your Bronx bus accident lawsuit is properly proven from the very start.

Bus accidents are perhaps more common than train or ferry accidents, since buses operate on public roadways. They can involve collisions with buildings, other stationary objects, vehicles, or pedestrians. They can also involve injuries due to unsafe conditions on a bus, or at a bus stop or a bus station. Our Bronx public transportation accident attorneys are ready to help you thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident.

In 2017, our Bronx accident lawyers obtained a verdict of approximately $5,200,000.00 in Bronx Supreme Court for a passenger of a motorcycle who was severely injured when the motorcycle on which he was riding was rear-ended, causing the motorcycle to crash into a pole. The bus operator and the NYCTA alleged that the driver of the motorcycle, and not the bus driver, was 100% responsible for the accident and refused to make any offer of settlement. At trial, we proved that the bus operator, and the NYCTA, were negligent in causing the accident, and that they were responsible to compensate our client for his serious injuries. This result is one of many that demonstrates our expertise and knowledge of how best to obtain maximum compensation for clients who are injured in serious public bus accidents throughout NYC and the Bronx. Contact us today at (718) 354-8000 to learn more about how our Bronx accident attorneys can help you and your family recover financially from a catastrophic bus accident.

Ferry Accidents

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) operates the Staten Island Ferry, which makes regular trips between its two stations at Lower Manhattan and Staten Island’s St. George neighborhood. The ferry’s route covers over five miles across New York Harbor. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with ferries leaving a terminal at least once every 30 minutes. A ferry can transport up to 6,000 people in a single trip. The DOT also operates ferries between Manhattan and Brooklyn; and various private ferry companies operate ferries between Manhattan and New Jersey on the west side of NYC.

Major ferry accidents, like a 2003 crash that resulted in multiple fatalities and injuries, are rare, but more minor accidents and injuries have occurred over the years. Ferry accidents are not limited to incidents like collisions with other watercraft, stationary objects, or the shoreline. New York City and private ferry operators may also be liable for accidents that occur aboard a ferry due to unsafe conditions, and can also be held liable if the ferry stations at which passengers board the ferry are not in a reasonably safe condition. Contact our NYC ferry accident lawyers today at (718) 354-8000 to learn if you may be entitled to compensation if you are injured while riding a ferry, or while at a ferry station anywhere in the Bronx or elsewhere in NYC.

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