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The experienced and skilled attorneys at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law advocate for public transportation accident victims throughout the greater New York City area, including people injured on ferries or in ferry terminals. Whether you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of a ferry operator in causing a ferry crash, or because of a hazardous condition at a ferry-owned facility such as a ferry terminal, our Bronx ferry accident lawyers can work tirelessly to see that you receive the compensation that is owed to you. We have access to a broad network of experts and investigators, including a retired N.Y.P.D. detective who can locate evidence and witnesses for your case. Thanks to our dedicated team of attorneys and staff, we have a better than 95 percent success rate in obtaining desired outcomes for our clients

Wherever you go in New York City, you are never far from the water. Four of the five boroughs are located on islands, and the Bronx sits on a peninsula between the Hudson and East Rivers. Aside from Brooklyn and Queens, traveling from one borough to another requires going over, or under, the water, whether by bridge, tunnel, or ferry. The Staten Island Ferry, which is operated by the New York City Department of Transportation, has transported people between Manhattan and Staten Island for over two centuries. Numerous private companies run ferries for both commuters and tourists. NYC Ferry, first announced by the mayor’s office in 2017, will eventually connect all five boroughs at more than 20 ferry stations and will help to ease the burden on the City’s roads and other public transportation systems such as subways and busses.

Ferry Accidents in New York City

Accidents involving ferries can range from major collisions causing substantial injuries or fatalities to injuries involving just one person aboard a ferry. Because of the size of many ferries, major accidents involving ferries that crash into other boats or into ferry docks can cause significant damage. The largest ferries in operation on the Staten Island line can carry up to 6,000 people at a time. The ferry accident attorneys at our Bronx firm are familiar with accidents that involve a ferry running aground, colliding with a pier or a seawall, or colliding with another ferry or vessel. The city’s deadliest mass transit accident in recent history occurred on the Staten Island Ferry in 2003, when a ferry collided with a pier. Eleven people lost their lives, about 165 people suffered injuries ranging from minor to critical, and the City of New York was forced to pay out tens of millions in compensation to ferry accident victims as a result of this tragic crash

Since ferry trips can take time—about 30 minutes to cross between Manhattan and Staten Island, for example—ferries are generally designed to provide people with space to move around. Ferries often have multiple stories, with stairs that allow passengers to move between levels. Just as with any property open to the public, ferry operators have a duty to maintain those premises in a safe manner. They may be liable for injuries that result from slip and fall accidents, falls down stairs, and other accidents caused by hazardous conditions.

Accidents on Public New York City Ferries

Whether a ferry accident occurs on a ferry with a public or private operator affects how the claim should be presented by our Bronx ferry accident attorneys. Since the Staten Island Ferry is owned and operated by New York City, claims for injuries sustained in ferry accidents on that line may implicate the doctrine of governmental immunity. Asserting a claim against a government, government agency, or government official requires filing a notice of claim with a designated government office, by a designated deadline, before a lawsuit may be filed in court.

Accidents on Private New York City Ferries

When a claim for injuries involves a private ferry owner or operator, the claim may proceed like any other lawsuit against a private individual or business. If the injuries resulted from an accident caused by a ferry operator or other employer, the injured party may assert a cause of action for ordinary negligence. If the injuries were caused by a hazardous condition on a ferry or pier, the theory of premises liability may govern the claim.

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