Injury Attorneys Helping Victims of New York City Subway Accidents

If a train or subway accident has caused injuries to a loved one or you, our team of skilled attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your losses. We have won millions of dollars against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) over the years, most recently (in late 2017) obtaining a verdict in Bronx Supreme Court of nearly $5.2 million for a serious Bronx public transportation accident. At Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, our Bronx train accident lawyers work tirelessly to recover the damages owed to clients when the MTA and NYTCA is negligent and causes a subway accident or a train accident, whether due to negligent operation of a train, or due to an unsafe condition in a train station.

To ensure that our subway accident clients obtain the best possible representation, we limit the number of cases that we take so that each one of our clients receives the proper amount of resources, care and attention that they need and deserve. As a client of our firm, you will always have direct access to the attorneys handling your public transportation accident case, instead of going through a maze of support staff and paralegals as is unfortunately the case with many personal injury lawfirms. Our highly trained attorneys have been recognized as being at the top of their profession by their peers, and invite you to call us today at (718) 354-8000 to learn more about why our lawyers are so highly regarded in the personal injury field.

Seeking Compensation for Subway Accidents in the Bronx and NYC

The subway is a fixture of life in New York City, transporting upwards of 5.6 million people on weekdays and more than 1.7 billion people per year throughout the five boroughs, including the Bronx. With 36 lines and 472 stations, the New York City Subway is one of the largest rapid transit systems in the world; and anyone who regularly rides the subway knows that it always feels like the busiest. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), part of the New York State government (not formally controlled by the City of New York, despite that common perception), operates the subway, along with commuter train lines connecting New York City to upstate New York, Long Island, and Connecticut, including the Long Island Rail Road and the MetroNorth Rail Road. PATH trains, operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, connect Manhattan to New Jersey. Longer-distance services are provided by Amtrak, which is owned by the federal government of the United States. Our lawyers have successfully represented injured clients in personal injury lawsuits involving all of these entities, and all of these railroad and subway systems.

All of these rail lines present risks of injuries to passengers, pedestrians, and others. Whether due to negligent operation of a train, or a dangerous condition at a train station, our lawyers have been successful in obtaining millions of dollars for clients who have been injured due to the negligence of the governmental entities that operate these public transportation systems. Government ownership and operation of rail services raises issues of governmental immunity, which our experienced train accident attorneys at our Bronx firm have overcome countless times and can help you address in your train accident lawsuit.

Injuries Due to Negligent Operation of a Train or Subway

The MTA and other public transportation agencies owe a duty of care to passengers and the public to make certain that train conductors and other employees are qualified, capable, and operate their train in a safe and reasonable manner. If a train conductor or another employee causes a train accident due to negligence, the agency may be liable for any injuries that result. Public agencies may also be liable for unlawful or illegal acts by their employees, such as operating a train while intoxicated or otherwise impaired.

For example, imagine a situation in which a subway passenger is attempting to board the subway at Union Square, and their foot becomes stuck in the gap between the train and the platform. Unfortunately, the train conductor does not adhere to his duty of care to the passenger, and begins to drive the train forward without checking to see if the doors are properly closed and that all passengers are safely clear of the gap and the train, or secured inside the train. The passenger whose foot is stuck in the platform gap suffers serious injuries immediately when the train begins to move. Under these circumstances, the injured passenger would have a claim against the NYCTA and the MTA for negligence. Our Bronx subway accident lawyers have handled cases involving these exact facts, and have recovered substantial amounts of money due to negligence exactly like this.

The negligent operation of a train can result in serious accidents, including derailments that cause major injuries and sometimes death. Passengers can also suffer injuries due to less severe instances of negligence, such as abruptly stopping a train without a good reason to do so and in a manner that puts passengers inside the train at risk of injury.

Injuries Due to Negligent Maintenance of Tracks

Public transportation agencies are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of railroad equipment and infrastructure, including train tracks. Train and subway accidents can result through no fault of individual conductors when there was a failure to maintain infrastructure in good working order. Our Bronx train accident attorneys can investigate whether an incident resulted from malfunctioning signals or switches, or from tracks that were in need of repair. To do this, we will hire expert train accident engineers who will inspect the tracks and prove that negligent maintenance or repair of subway or train tracks caused a serious accident.

Injuries Due to Poorly Maintained Vehicles or Stations

Injuries may also occur because of unsafe conditions on a train or in a train station. Public transportation agencies have a duty to ensure that trains in operation, along with train and subway stations, are free from defects or dangerous conditions. An agency may be liable for injuries that result from unsafe conditions like damaged seats or handrails, uneven platforms that result in someone tripping while getting on or off a train, or conditions in a station that cause someone to trip and fall.

Get Insights from a Train Accident Lawyer in the Bronx

Public transportation, including trains and subways, is an essential part of life in New York City, and New Yorkers are entitled to maintain their safety while using these important public transportation resources. The government, just like any other property owner, has a duty to maintain safe premises and equipment and to ensure that the people operating the trains do so safely and professionally. Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law’s knowledgeable attorneys represent people who have suffered injuries because of failures to fulfill these duties, and have recovered millions for clients who have been harmed by the government’s failures to adhere to these duties. We maintain a team of experienced investigators, as well as a pool of expert witnesses who can help present and establish your case. We also can assist with related Medicaid, Medicare, and workers’ compensation claims, and we can guide you through the process of obtaining insurance benefits. If a train or subway accident has resulted in a tragic death, we can even help with probate and related matters. To schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact us online or at (718) 354-8000. Se habla español.