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Millions Recovered for Injured New Yorkers

Jesse Minc takes pride in providing financial security to injured clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Over 95% of our clients are awarded compensation. The following is a sampling of cases in which Jesse Minc has obtained significant recoveries for injured New Yorkers.

$7.8 Million

Settlement for a child who suffered anoxic brain damage and spastic quadrapesis due to a surgeon’s failure to recognize a bleed caused by an improperly-performed rectal biopsy.

$5.1 Million

Bronx County jury verdict for a man who was injured in a motorcycle accident with a public bus.

$3 Million

Settlement for a Bronx County woman who fell down a flight of stairs, suffering neck, knee and shoulder injuries.

$2.5 Million

Settlement with the City of New York, before defense depositions had even been completed, for a Bronx man who tripped and fell in a hole in the sidewalk, suffering back, knee and ankle injuries that required surgery.

$1.8 Million

Settlement for a construction worker who was struck in the head with a pipe and suffered neck injuries requiring a cervical fusion and which resulted in his inability to continue his career as a laborer after defending the case on appeal to the Appellate Division, Second Department.


For a man who suffered lumbar spinal injuries requiring a lumbar fusion surgery in an elevator accident involving an elevator cab falling several stories after defending the case on appeal to the Appellate Division, First Department.


Wrongful death settlement for a 64-year old homemaker who died after her infection was misdiagnosed by a large New York City hospital.


Settlement with the City of New York for a Bronx man who tripped and fell over a raised portion of a public sidewalk, suffering a trimalleolar ankle fracture that required surgery.


Settlement for a woman whose ear was severely burned and disfigured and who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and depression as a result of the improper use of surgical equipment during a surgery to remove a benign cholesteatoma from her middle ear.


For a construction workers who suffered lumbar spinal injuries as a result of a falling crate, despite the fact that the worker did not complain of back pain for four weeks after the accident and had minimal lost earnings.


Settlement for a Bronx woman who suffered lumbar spinal injuries in a low-impact rear-end collision.


Settlement for a Brooklyn man who tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk and suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon requiring multiple surgeries.


Pain and suffering settlement for a Bronx gym patron who slipped and fell on mop water, breaking his wrist.


Settlement for an Orange County woman who suffered a ureter injury during surgery by a reputable surgeon.


Settlement for a Bronx union ironworker who broke his wrist after tripping over debris at a construction site (settled before defense depositions were ever conducted) where the plaintiff returned to work full time five months after the accident and suffered minimal lost earnings and relatively little permanency.


Settlement for a Bronx man who suffered lumbar spinal injuries in a low-impact rear-end accident.


Settlement for a Manhattan woman who suffered vision loss in one eye due to a botched plastic surgery after defeating summary judgment in the Supreme Court and the Appellate Division.

*Case Results Include Matters in Which Jesse Minc was First and/or Second Chair Counsel