Social Security Disability Lawyers Serving the Bronx and Other Areas of NYC

The attorneys at the Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law help clients who are unable to work due to impairments pursue Social Security Disability and other benefits in connection with their personal injury lawsuits. If you have worked for your whole life, you have paid taxes into these programs so that the support is there if you need it. We can help you make a clear and compelling case to explain that you qualify for assistance. The Bronx Social Security Disability attorneys in our network have decades of combined experience representing clients in qualifying for SSD benefits. We are committed to guiding our clients through the disability benefits application process with personalized attention if they come to us with a personal injury case, and are also entitled to SSD benefits due to their injuries.

Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program funded by payroll taxes. It is separate from the Social Security retirement benefits system for older workers. The disability benefits are intended to help people who can no longer work because of a disability make ends meet financially. The amount of the monthly payments varies based on your average earnings while you were working and paying taxes into the program. The Social Security Administration also takes into account any other benefits that you may be receiving when calculating monthly SSD payments.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for SSD benefits, you need to show that you meet certain requirements. These include being under the age of 65 and having paid a certain amount of taxes into the system over a specified period of time. You also must prove that you have a covered disability that has left you unable to work. That means that you not only cannot do your previous job, but also cannot do other jobs likely to be available in your geographic area. Our attorneys will help you determine whether you meet the criteria for eligibility in the SSD program, and will assist you in pursuing benefits if you are injured and can no longer work. This is a service that we provide to clients when we accept their personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuits, and is another way in which we show our clients that we care about what happens to them both in context of their personal injury lawsuits and once our representation of them is completed.

Determining Disability

For you to be considered “disabled” for the purposes of qualifying for SSD benefits, our Bronx attorneys would need to establish that you suffer from a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from engaging in “substantial gainful activity.” In some cases, people who suffer from certain severe injuries and medical conditions may be automatically deemed unable to work. In most cases, however, benefits claims reviewers require proof of both your impairment and also the fact that it has left you unable to work. We will help you make this showing; often, the same showing required to demonstrate your damages in your personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit is helpful in proving “disability” for SSD purposes. For example, the expert reports that we will prepare and use in your personal injury case can also be used in support of your SSD application to prove that you are “disabled”.

The Social Security Administration typically gauges whether a person can work based on “residual functional capacity.” The SSA measures that capacity to determine the kinds of work that you are capable of doing despite your impairment. It then considers whether you can still do your previous job with your current capacity. If not, the SSA explores whether there are other jobs that you can still perform, based on your age, experience, training, and background.

Even if you are able to work part-time, you may still be able to get benefits. This is because the government analyzes substantial gainful activity based on how much money you earn. A disabled person who makes about $1,200 a month, for example, is still considered to be unable to work for benefits purposes.

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At the Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients get the full benefits available under the law. We know what the government finds persuasive when considering benefits claims, and our attorneys have the experience and resources to make a clear and compelling case to claim reviewers. If your claim is wrongly denied, we also can help you pursue an appeal. Our firm limits the volume of cases that we take in order to ensure that each client gets the personalized attention that he or she deserves. Our track record speaks for itself. Our attorneys have been successful in more than 95 percent of the cases that they handle. We assist people throughout Greater New York City with qualifying for SSD benefits, including in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. Call us at (718) 354-8000 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Se habla espanol.

All prospective clients should know that Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law (i.e., Jesse Minc and the law firm at which he is an associate (RMFW LLP)) does not directly represent clients or otherwise directly handle any aspects of cases solely involving Social Security Disability claims. TO BE CLEAR, WE DO NOT OFFER TO PROVIDE DIRECT LEGAL SERVICES, NOR TO BE RETAINED FOR REPRESENTATION, IN CONNECTION WITH PURE SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS, BUT DO CONSIDER REPRESENTATIONS IN NEGLIGENCE CASES THAT ALSO INVOLVE CLAIMS FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. Jesse Minc and the other lawyers at his firm (RMFW LLP) are not Social Security Disability lawyers themselves, but are personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers who often handle cases in which an injured client may make or have Social Security Disability claims. This is because the issues in personal injury/medical malpractice cases and Social Security Disability claims are often intertwined. If retained to represent an injured person in a negligence case, we do often, as appropriate, provide counsel to clients that pertains to both their negligence claims and Social Security Disability claims, though they are distinct. The reason that this advertising content refers to Social Security Disability is that many prospective clients who may have Social Security Disability claims may also have personal injury or medical malpractice claims for which we can provide direct assistance.

References to “Social Security Disability lawyers”, or other similar references, made in this website refer to other independent lawyers or law firms with whom we have relationships and to whom Jesse Minc may refer prospective clients for the direct handling of the Social Security Disability claim (i.e., applications for benefits, appeals of denials of benefits, hearings, etc.) as may be appropriate or desirable for each prospective client. In any case in which a prospective client may require representation in connection with a Social Security Disability claim directly (i.e., before the Social Security Administration, in connection with applications, appeals/denials of benefits, etc.), the client, at his or her option, may be referred to other attorneys/law firms for the direct handling of the Social Security Disability claim itself, which is a very common occurrence in our practice. Jesse Minc may directly handle only the third-party negligence aspect (i.e., a lawsuit against any entities responsible for an injury that resulted in the claimed disability) of any such case where appropriate. Please contact Jesse Minc directly for further explanation of the distinction between third-party negligence lawsuits and Social Security Disability proceedings and what we offer to prospective clients through this website vis a vis Social Security Disability and all issues relating thereto.