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Vertebral fractures – specific types of bone fractures that affect the vertebrae, which are the bones forming the human spinal column – occur in a multitude of different ways, but are almost always painful and debilitating. Though they can occur due to the natural aging process in very elderly people, or can result from congenital diseases such as osteoporosis and other bone disorders, spinal fractures are most often caused by trauma incident to an accident. When serious personal injury accidents occur and cause spinal fractures, the healing process is often long and costly, and Bronx accident victims are left to endure years of pain and suffering, and are often responsible for mountains of expensive medical costs that they can often never afford to repay themselves.

Whether the result of a premises liability accident such as a slip-and-fall, or a serious car accident, our Bronx spine fracture accident lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to give you the best possible chance of obtaining fair compensation if you suffer a spinal fracture injury due to the negligence of another person. We accept a limited number of personal injury lawsuits so that we can ensure that our clients receive the proper amount of attention and resources necessary to win their cases and prove every element of their damages so that they are made whole after a serious accident. Call us today at (718) 354-8000, or contact us online, for a free, no-risk consultation with an experienced Bronx accident lawyer. We pride ourselves on having a human touch, and will take the time to make sure that you understand all of the elements of your case, and how best to pursue compensation if you suffer a serious spinal cord injury due to an accident anywhere in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York City.

What are Some of the Different Types of Spinal Fractures That Occur in Serious Accidents?

Spinal fractures occur in many different ways, and the type of fracture sustained is usually related to the mechanism of the injury (i.e., by the type of accident and the physical effects of the accident on the body of the accident victim). Depending upon the type and severity of the spinal fracture sustained, the effects on the body will be different, as will the course of treatment and likelihood of any permanent effects on the quality of life of the accident victim. As is the case in most all Bronx personal injury accidents, every situation is different.

One of the most common types of spinal fracture injuries is known as a “compression fracture”. As is somewhat obvious from its name, these types of fractures occur when a high degree of pressure is applied to the spine. While common is elderly people, as well as in individuals with bone disorders such as bone cancer or osteoporosis, these spinal fractures also occur frequently in elevator accidents in which an elevator car descends suddenly, serious car accidents, and slip-and-fall accidents. These types of fractures are also commonly associated with herniated discs, as they involve similar trauma to the spine as that which causes those types of serious spinal cord injuries. The severity of a “compression fracture” often depends on whether or not the fracture is “displaced”, meaning that the pieces of bone move away from each other and create space between the broken bone fragments. Usually, however, compression fractures only involve a single fracture line, meaning that only one part of a vertebra is injured when this type of fracture injury occurs. Another variant of “compression fractures” is known as a “wedge fracture”, and involves a collapse of a portion of the vertebrae due to pressure, causing the vertebrae to resemble a wedge in its post-accident shape. These types of spinal fractures can usually be treated conservatively (i.e., without surgery), but may require extensive physical therapy or injection therapy to treat effectively.

Perhaps the most serious type of spinal fracture is known as a “burst fracture”. These types of spinal cord injuries almost always result from serious trauma to the spine such as often occurs in a truck accident, or in a construction accident involving a fall off of a scaffold. Spinal cord “burst fractures” result from the application of extreme pressure to the spinal column, which causes the vertebrae to become completely crushed and to break into multiple pieces. These types of fractures, due to the severity of the trauma to the vertebrae, often result in injuries to the spinal cord itself that can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia, depending upon the location of the burst fracture along the spinal cord. These types of paralysis injuries occur when a burst fracture ruptures the spinal cord itself, and the parts of the body that become paralyzed due to the spinal fracture are usually those that are controlled by nerves located below (i.e., further down the spinal cord, and away from the brain) the area in which the burst fracture has damaged the spinal cord. These types of spinal fractures almost always require surgical intervention to prevent further damage to the spinal cord, and to avoid permanent paralysis (if at all possible).

Another type of spinal fracture that is caused by a serious personal injury accident is known as a “flexion-distraction fracture”. This type of spinal fracture is caused by a sudden application of pressure to the spine that causes it to flex and distract (medical terminology referring to certain types of spinal movement, which in layman’s terms translates to “back and forth” movement such as occurs in a whiplash accident), which often occurs in a serious car accident. The fracture injuries to vertebrae caused by a “flexion-distraction fracture” usually occur in the posterior middle spinal column (i.e., to the back part of the vertebrae in the middle of the spinal column), and treatment options vary depending upon the severity of the spinal fractures involved.

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