Third-Party Negligence

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Serious on-the-job injuries are, unfortunately, a fact of life at all types of workplaces across the Bronx and elsewhere in New York City. Unfortunately, employers do not always adhere to their duties to provide their workers with safe places to work, and the workers are usually the ones who suffer due to their employers’ negligence. Even more unfortunate is the fact that, pursuant to Section 29(6) of the New York Workers’ Compensation Law, injured workers’ only legal remedy against their employers in connection with work accidents – no matter how negligent the employer may have been in causing the accident – is to file for workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This rule, known as the “exclusive remedy” rule, prohibits injured workers from filing personal injury lawsuits seeking compensation in court against their employers.

However, when a work accident occurs and someone other than the injured worker’s employer is to blame, the “exclusive remedy” rule does not apply as against these negligent third-parties, and workers may bring “third-party” negligence personal injury lawsuits against these other parties and obtain compensation for their lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering beyond what workers’ compensation insurance can offer. Whether the injured worker is injured in a slip-and-fall accident while on the job at a third-party’s property, or any other type of accident for which anybody other than their employer may be to blame, the injured worker should always discuss the facts of their case with experienced Bronx personal injury lawyers to ensure that their rights to compensation are protected.

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What is an Example of a Third-Party Personal Injury Lawsuit in a Work Accident?

So that injured workers can understand what a “third-party” negligence lawsuit is, consider the following example: You are a construction worker working at a demolition and re-construction project on a building site located at East 161st Street and Grand Concourse. The building is owned by a company called “East 161st Street Owners LLC”, and the general contractor on the demolition job is Tishman Construction Corporation of New York, Inc. You are an employee of the Laquila Group, Inc., a contractor hired by Tishman to perform excavation work on the foundation of the building. In connection with your work, you are instructed to go down into the foundation pit, climb up a scaffold and dismantle several steel beams that had formed the ground-level floor of the building being demolished. The scaffold on which you are instructed to work was provided by your employer, Laquila, has no guardrails, and you are not provided with a safety harness or lifeline to prevent you from falling off the scaffold. While you are working, the scaffold becomes unstable because of a defect in its construction, causing you to lose your balance and fall from the scaffold onto the ground in the foundation pit below. As a result, you suffer very serious injuries and are permanently disabled from working construction.

In this example, you might think that, because you were an employee of Laquila’s, and Laquila owned the defective scaffold that caused your accident, you are restricted to collecting workers’ compensation insurance coverage, as your employer was responsible for causing your accident. However, in this example, you would also be able to bring a third-party personal injury lawsuit against both East 161st Street Owners LLC (the owner of the job site) and Tishman Construction Corporation of New York (the general contractor on the job) pursuant to Labor Law Section 240 (the “Scaffold Law”), which holds owners and general contractors of construction sites absolutely liable for fall accidents caused by a lack of adequate safety equipment. In this third-party lawsuit, you can demand compensation not only for your past lost wages and past medical benefits (as can be compensated for in a workers’ compensation claim), but also for your past and future pain and suffering, as well as any future medical bills and future losses of income that you may incur due to this serious accident.

As another example, imagine that you work as a delivery person for a large beer distributor and your company is hired to deliver beer kegs to a local grocery store. As you are walking into the store to deliver the kegs, you trip and fall down a flight of stairs because one of the steps is defective and the staircase does not have handrails to allow you to stop yourself from falling. In this case, not only would you be able to collect workers’ compensation insurance benefits from your employer, but you would also be able to bring a third-party negligence lawsuit against the owner of the store for failing to maintain their store in a reasonably safe condition, and would be able to collect compensation beyond that which might be available to you under a workers’ compensation claim.

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When I got hurt after falling on a scaffold on a construction site, I could not work in construction anymore and did not know how I could support my family. I turned to Jesse Minc and I am very happy that I met him. He also discusses my case in Spanish with me when I want to, and that always made me feel comfortable. I believe that he is the best lawyer in New York City and I would recommend him to anybody who is injured. Hector Vargas, Bronx, New York
After I was very badly hurt in a construction accident and could not work anymore, I turned to Jesse Minc. I have had a lot of lawyers over the years, but he is the best I ever had. Because I was a member of Local 6A Concrete Workers Union, I lost a lot of benefits, my pension and income when I got hurt and he made sure I understood how I could recover what I had lost. He and his team have been a Godsend to me and my family, and I am so glad that I chose him to represent us. Luke Rosa, Bronx, New York
My experience with Jesse Minc's firm was very rewarding. I personally dealt with Jesse Minc, who was a class act as my lawyer. He was always on call with any questions or help I needed in the process of my lawsuit. Jesse recovered a high six figure sum for a slip and fall accident I endured. He got the case settled in a reasonable time. If you are in need of lawyers for a lawsuit in New York City I highly recommend Jesse Minc's firm, they got me a very high settlement and were there for me personally every step of the way. Thanks to all the lawyers and staff. Salvador Ruiz, Brooklyn, New York
When I got hurt on a construction site and could not work anymore, one of my brothers from the Concrete Workers Local 6A union recommended Jesse Minc to be my lawyer and I am very happy I picked him to represent me. He really does have the human touch that a lot of lawyers lack. I would recommend Jesse Minc to anyone injured in a construction accident because he will fight to the end of the earth for his clients. Joseph Toro, Bronx, New York