Losing a loved one is a devastating and grievous time for families, especially when they have to deal with the long-term effects that come with their absence as a result of a tragic accident. As a family member, you may feel depressed, angry, and confused at how such an event could ever happen. Jesse Minc and his team of Bronx wrongful death accident attorneys are here to handle your family’s wrongful death case so you can focus on grieving and your journey to emotional and financial recovery.

When you hire a wrongful death attorney from our law office, they will fight for your case until you receive the justice and closure you deserve. When a wrongful death involves negligence or misconduct, our wrongful death accident lawyers will ensure that the parties responsible for the tragic loss of your family member are held accountable and pay you the financial compensation that you will need to move past such a tragic event. 

Bronx Wrongful Death

Our wrongful death lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in wrongful death claims and have a high rate of winning financial compensation for their clients. For families living in the Bronx, this is good news and a glimmer of hope in the midst of the pain and suffering that comes with the sudden and wrongful loss of a loved one. 

There are a variety of critical elements that determine whether a case is eligible for a wrongful death accident lawsuit.  Wrongful death cases may involve, but are not limited to, medical malpractice, a motor vehicle accident, defective products or machinery, construction accidents and failures to maintain safe conditions on property. In evaluating every potential wrongful death claim, our Bronx lawyers will thoroughly review every aspect of the case to determine who is responsible, and what monetary compensation every member of a deceased person’s family may be entitled to. 

Consult with a Wrongful Death Lawyer

The professionals at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law have significant experience litigating New York wrongful death cases and have the extensive legal knowledge needed to win your lawsuit. Our attorneys’ expertise in this area of law will be instrumental to your case. In the heat and emotional turmoil of the moment, as a family member, you may feel determined to handle this life-altering situation on your own to seek justice. Although this is a noble pursuit, the likelihood of obtaining true justice without aggressive wrongful death lawyers in your corner is low.  You need wrongful death attorneys with the skill, financial resources and experience to obtain the full justice you and your family deserve if you are considering bringing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Navigating a wrongful death lawsuit can be confusing and time consuming especially with all the paperwork and types of documents that need to be filed.  You need experienced wrongful death lawyers who will do this for you, making sure that every step is taken in the correct manner; this will not only give your case the best possible chance of success, but will allow you to focus on living your life while the years-long process of obtaining justice in a wrongful death lawsuit is fought.  In addition, after examining every aspect of your wrongful death claim, your lawyer will be able to accurately outline the value of your claim to ensure you receive all eligible compensation benefits, including pecuniary and financial losses and compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the wrongful death.

Not only will an attorney offer their legal knowledge in the matter of your wrongful death claim, but our lawyers can act as a pillar of support for you and your family during your time of grief by offering their personal counsel with compassion. This personal counsel will greatly benefit Bronx families as it can help to ease a little bit of their pain and suffering.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

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If you don’t know where to start, scheduling a free consultation with a wrongful death lawyer is the first step. As the parent, spouse, sibling, or relative of the deceased individual, you may have a right to a wrongful death claim and to file a lawsuit to recover damages. You can tell us your story and how you feel, our attorneys care about your situation and we know each case is unique, we listen and strategize the appropriate steps for your case. 

According to HG Legal Resources, the victim’s family members are entitled to litigation proceedings and have the right to file for a wrongful death claim lawsuit. When our Bronx wrongful death attorneys hear about your case, they get to work. If an accident did occur, our Bronx wrongful death lawyers focus on distinguishing if it was indeed an honest accident or an act to cause physical harm with intent by a person or other entity acting in a neglectful manner.

Personal Injury and Damages

Whether you are a victim of an on-the-job injury, an unsafe work environment, or an accident that resulted in a near-death or severe bodily harm through no fault of your own, you are eligible to recover compensation benefits as a result of bodily injury or damages to your personal property.  

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers establishes the premise for hiring an attorney. Even an injury like a fractured wrist can cause excruciating pain and can disrupt a person’s ability to drive normally and completing tasks at work may be near impossible, this can negatively impact the victim’s social life and earnings potential That is why hiring an attorney for your personal injury case is in your best interest.

Insurance companies often get involved, and when they do, the responsible party’s insurance will usually cover the victim’s expenses such as medical bills, funeral expenses, and other damages, but to a certain extent. At Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, we fight to recover all insurance compensation benefits so you can earn peace of mind and get the true value of what you deserve.  

Recovery and Compensation

Wrongful death settlements vary in their payout depending on the nature of the case, but the objective is to place value on the loss of life, companionship, and lost wages. The reality is that, unfortunately, no amount of financial reward can truly compensate for the loss of life, but the success of a wrongful death claim lawsuit will prove that a wrong was committed and justice can be brought to the attention of the court.

Other examples of wrongful death scenarios can include slip and fall, negligent security, assault and battery, and even homicide. Bronx wrongful death attorneys know that these are events that can happen, and you can take the first steps with our legal team to discuss how we can help your case and seek justice for your family.

You are entitled to receive compensation benefits in areas such as:

  • Hospital and Medical Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Conscious Pain and Suffering
  • Personal Property Damage
  • Lost Wages and Benefits

Depending on the nature of your case, your family may be eligible for additional compensation benefits as a result of extensive damages to personal property as well as the deep emotional wounds that were brought upon your family due to a fatal accident. Just like with wrongful death claims, Bronx personal injury cases can award families with the resources they need to get through the hardship of an injured family member that was a victim of a negligent and dangerous event.

Statute of Limitations   

There is a limited time frame for filing a lawsuit in the Bronx and in the greater New York area, and this varies by state, but that is why it is best to consult with us in detail about how you can get started. It is a policy established by state law, and we don’t want you to miss the opportunity to gain justice for your loved one. The moment a victim is injured or discovers their injury, that is when the time period begins, that is why it is in your best interest to contact Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law as soon as possible. 

Justice for Your Case

Seeking justice for a deceased individual is an admirable and noble pursuit. At Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, we place a deep emphasis on seeking justice rather than winning your case for our economic gain, our clients are a testament to our success in awarding them compensatory benefits for property damages, a violent accident that affected them immensely, and unforeseen circumstances such as financial hardship if the victim was a major earner in the household.   

Winning the Lawsuit

An accident is inexcusable, especially if the tragic event results in a deceased person, there has to be a really convincing explanation. Holding the accused party responsible is the first step, we know that losing someone you loved is an agonizing and traumatic ordeal. At Jesse Minc Personal Injury law, those wrongdoers who are responsible for the damages in your family life and for that deceased person you held so dear, will be held accountable.