Car Accident

If you have been in a Bronx car accident that someone else caused, then you are entitled to compensation for all of the damages that you incur through a personal injury claim directly with the insurance company, or through a lawsuit in the New York courts. It can be frustrating to realize that no matter how clear it is that the other driver caused the accident, their insurance company will take every step possible to limit your settlement and pay you as little as possible. While no amount of money will ever undo the impacts of your accident, they should ensure that you do not need to take on the financial burdens caused by someone else’s dangerous, reckless, or negligent behavior. The accident attorneys at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law are here to help. 

Filing an insurance claim is a simple process in itself, but the reality is that no matter how pleasant your experience is with the claims adjuster, they are working against you in order to save their company as much money as possible. Car accidents happen in New York all the time, and the insurance companies have spent decades developing their best practices intended to settle claims for far less than what the victim deserves, and your case will be no different. This is why hiring a car accident lawyer is one of the most important steps that you can take early in this process.

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When you are being represented by a car accident lawyer, NYC insurance companies know that you are here to get the money that you deserve, and not just what they want to pay. Many people believe that they are unable to afford a car accident attorney, though, and choose to go through the claims process on their own – hiring car accident attorneys only once they realize that they can’t get the money that they need on their own. We want to help from day one.

During our free consultation, we will be able to go through the specific details of your car accident, go over each injury that you have sustained, and provide you with peace of mind about the level of support that we are able to provide. We have represented victims of car accidents for many years and will be happy to provide you with this support throughout your own journey, as well. Our history of success representing victims in many types of accidents should be a great indication of the level of representation that you will have for your own car accident if you choose to work with our car accident lawyers.

Knowing that there is someone fighting for your rights after your Bronx car accident can give you the emotional space necessary to focus on your recovery without the additional burdens of legal stress. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

What To Do After a Bronx Car Accident

If you have been hurt in an accident, it can be easy to ignore the pain of an injury while your body is full of adrenaline and panic. People often try to downplay the extent of their injury at the scene of a car accident because they are scared and confused, but the reality is that your top priority after a car accident is your health. The following steps are meant to provide you with a guideline on how to handle the aftermath of accidents, but depending on the specifics of your situation you will need to respond accordingly. 

Take a Moment and Check Your Injuries

Make sure that you take a moment to assess any injury that you have sustained, and try to get an understanding of the situation before exiting your vehicle. You will need to decide whether it is safest to remain in the vehicle, get out of the car and get to the side of the road, move your vehicle, or do nothing and wait for the first responders to arrive. Regardless, it is important that you take a moment after your Bronx car accident to take stock of the situation and try to take a measured approach to what happens next. 

After accidents, remember that your top priority should be your own health. Do not feel obligated to ignore an injury so that you can get out and exchange information or take control of the situation. 

Call 911

If you are able to, contact 911 yourself so that you can provide relevant information about the dispatcher. They are trained to gather information about car accidents while alerting the authorities such as New York City police, fire, and EMTs, so taking time to speak with the operator may be helpful in that you are providing relevant information, in addition to the fact that it can be calming and reassuring to speak with someone who can help you stay calm as you wait for the authorities to arrive at the scene of the crash. 

Sometimes after accidents, the other driver may try to pressure the victim to not call 911, and to simply exchange information and get back on the way. Any NYC accident lawyer will tell you that this is a bad idea and that calling 911 is simply protecting your own best interests by ensuring that there are additional eyewitnesses and official documentation. Otherwise, the at-fault driver’s story may change as soon as you leave the scene, and it may turn into your word against theirs while trying to get the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Get Checked By EMTs

At the scene of an accident in New York City, it is an unfortunate reality that a victim may be worried about their medical bills when they should be able to receive attention for an injury without getting stressed out. Your car accident lawyers will help you recover compensation for your medical bills, and again, your top priority should be your health. Get looked at by the New York EMTs so that you can get a baseline understanding of each injury, in addition to establishing a record of every personal injury, which will be extremely important during your claims process. 

Whether or not you take an ambulance to the emergency room, this initial care is an extremely important first step that any car accident lawyer in NYC will encourage a victim to take. 

Provide Some Information To Police

After a New York City or Bronx car accident, a police officer will need to complete an accident report that establishes facts and includes a range of information. This report will include interviews with you, the other driver, any passengers, and any eyewitnesses in order to gather evidence about the cause of the accident and who is responsible for the collision. This is an important document in a personal injury case, and it is important that you tell the officer about the behaviors that the other driver was engaging in to cause your collision.

Avoid making statements that may implicate yourself in the accident, such as things that you could have done to avoid the accident (such as swerving, braking faster, etc.), and even though it may seem like a simple and polite gesture, NEVER apologize to anyone at the scene of the accident because the insurance company will try to use this as proof that you were admitting to some degree of fault. 

Get Follow-up Medical Attention

If you take an ambulance to the ER, then this decision will be made for you. However, if you leave the scene of your Bronx car accident on your own, you will need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician immediately. There is the obvious benefit that each injury will be cared for by a medical professional, but there is the additional benefit that you are establishing documentation for each injury. 

When handling New York City accidents, insurance companies will refuse to pay for injuries that do not have clear documentation proving their extent. Bronx car accident attorneys will encourage that you see a doctor as often as is necessary to track the progress of your injuries and provide more proof for the settlement negotiations. Remember that your medical bills will be included in the settlement amount. 

Hire a Bronx Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are complicated, and the claims process is oftentimes messy – especially if your injuries are serious. Starting from the moment that the insurance company becomes aware of any car accidents that their clients are responsible for, they spring into action to identify every possible way to limit the amount of money they pay in settlement. Remember that determining fault in accidents is only the first step, and even if it is completely clear who caused the crash, the insurance company will attempt to find any possible reason to limit the final amount that they pay. 

Hiring an attorney with a history of success fighting for clients after car accidents is the best step that you can take early into the process. If they are the one to initiate the claim and handle all communications on your behalf, you can focus on recovering from your injures without the additional stress that your attorney will take on for you. Accidents are not only painful, but they are also emotionally and psychologically taxing, and offloading as much stress as possible to a lawyer will have major benefits for your recovery

The Anatomy of a Bronx Car and Truck Accident Case

If you or a loved one suffer the tragedy of being injured in a car or truck accident, securing fair compensation requires top representation, as the road to financial recovery under New York law is difficult. Laws have been enacted to dissuade the injured from pursuing their rights, and only the best personal injury attorneys can correctly evaluate your case and provide you with the advice and counsel necessary to ensure that you leave nothing on the table. Knowledge of the process through which the injured must navigate is key, and mistakes can cost you and your family the ability to be made whole. That is why you should accept nothing short of the best personal injury lawyers to represent you and your family.

The law that governs Bronx car and truck accidents is known as the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (the “VTL”). The VTL prescribes the rules of the road that car and truck drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians must follow when on Bronx roads. Although most people believe that they know the rules of the road, when bringing a lawsuit, you must be aware of how judges, juries, insurance companies, and defense lawyers will twist the laws to try to deny you fair compensation when you are injured. Top Bronx car and truck accident lawyers like those on my team have assembled countless winning strategies for our clients despite this complexity. There is no substitute for experience: we will educate you and your family about how the VTL applies to your case so you can better understand your rights.

As an example, imagine a situation where you or a loved one are involved in an accident. You are driving north down St. Ann’s Avenue intending to continue through the intersection with East 156th Street. When you are approximately 150 feet from the intersection, you see a truck stopped on St. Ann’s with its left turn signal on intending to make a left on to East 156th Street. When you first see the truck, it has not started to turn left, and you both have a green light. You continue towards the intersection but, as you come within 50 feet of it, the truck suddenly starts its turn and you are unable to stop before colliding directly with the front of the truck that by this time has crossed into your lane attempting to turn left. Who is responsible? The answer is not as obvious as it might seem.

There are two main sections of the VTL with which an accident lawyer will have to contend in this situation if you are to win your case:

  • Under VTL § 1141, you must show that the truck failed to yield the right of way to you, and that you were close enough to the intersection so as to pose an “immediate hazard” to the truck as he turned across the intersection. Remember: If the truck driver can prove that you were far enough away from the intersection given the traffic conditions (speed of traffic, speed limits, the volume of traffic, etc.) prevailing at the time so that you did not constitute an immediate hazard, he will not be liable for making a left turn in front of you.
  • Under VTL § 1180, you must also show that you were driving at a speed that was reasonable and prudent given the conditions on the road, and specifically that your speed was reasonable and prudent given the actual hazards (the left-turning truck) that were reasonably apparent at the time. Remember: If the truck driver can prove that you should have seen him making a left turn in front of you and that you were simply going too fast to take account of this and slow down to avoid the accident, he will not be liable for making a left turn in front of you.

As you can see, even this simple case, pitfalls exist and a failure to take account of them throughout a case can turn a winning case into a devastating loss with no compensation after accidents. My team of expert Bronx car and truck accident lawyers understand these pitfalls, and will prepare your case to ensure that you have the best chance of proving the facts necessary to win your case. We will question the defendants early on in the case to make sure that they cannot escape liability for your injuries.