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Spine Injury

The knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law represent victims who have suffered many traumatic forms of harm in serious accidents, including spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, brain injuries, serious fractures, and more. We understand the pain and stress that often come with an injury, both for the person injured and his or her family. Our Bronx spinal cord injury lawyers have handled hundreds of cases involving serious spinal cord injuries, and know how important it is to get the compensation that you deserve to rebuild your life after the accident and make sure that your family is financially secure. Spinal cord injuries often result in substantial pain and suffering, long periods of medical treatment and recovery which incur exorbitant medical bills, and an inability to work which causes substantial lost wages to pile up and cause serious financial strain on the families of injured spinal cord injury victims. We have among the strongest track records of success in the courtroom and at the negotiating table that includes favorable results in 95 percent of our cases that we accept, and invite you to contact our spinal cord injury lawyers today at (718) 354-8000 if you have been injured in an accident.

Spinal cord injuries refer to impairments that affect the nerves and tissue that run from a person’s brain to his or her back (i.e., to the spinal cord itself, as well as to the nerves and tissues related to the spinal cord). These are, very often, among the most serious, debilitating injuries that can occur, and often cause the injured person to lose the ability to control his or her limbs and other bodily organs when the spinal cord injury is particularly serious. Conditions associated with spinal cord injuries include paralysis, whiplash, fractures, and herniated discs. Although advances in medicine have improved doctors’ ability to treat these injuries, lengthy recovery periods, long hospital stays, and extensive rehabilitation time are often necessary before a person who suffers a spinal cord injury can resume his or her normal life. In some cases, a victim may not ever fully recover, which may imperil his or her ability to hold a job and support loved ones, as well as having a drastic effect on the victim’s quality of life. When these types of serious injuries occur, the victim and his or her family often have no choice but to seek compensation in court if they are to have any chance of financial survival.

Bronx Accident Lawyers Pursuing Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a construction accident, a car crash, or another accident in New York, you have the right to seek compensation from any people or entities responsible for the accident. The money damages that are often sought in personal injury cases include compensation for current and future medical bills, missed wages and lost future earnings, and pain and suffering. In many cases, expert witnesses like doctors, life-care planners, financial experts and economists, and vocational rehabilitation specialists can help show an insurer and a jury the extent of the harm that the victim has suffered, explain how it will affect their life moving forward, and can help quantify the injured victim’s damages so that it is clear just how seriously the accident has affected the victim and his or her family.

The spinal cord injury attorneys at our Bronx firm understand the importance of retaining experts in many complex cases, and we have a broad network of resources and substantial financial assets at our disposal that we can put to work for you in your case if it is accepted into our firm. Expert testimony is always key in cases in which a spinal cord injury has exacerbated a pre-existing condition, such as a degenerative disc disorder. Medical professionals can delineate the scope of the additional harm and separate it from the victim’s previous symptoms, and top Bronx accident lawyers who are knowledgeable about the complex medical concepts at work in a spinal cord injury lawsuit can ensure that your injuries are explained properly in your personal injury case. Our firm has a stable of expert spine doctors with the expertise necessary to demonstrate through objective medical proof, such as MRI results, that your complaints of pain and suffering were caused by your accident, even if you had a pre-existing injury to your spine. We have won millions of dollars for victims in spinal cord injury cases, and are standing by to discuss your case with you and to, hopefully, add you to our family of satisfied spinal cord injury clients.

In almost every New York personal injury case, a person seeking compensation for an accident needs to prove that the person or entity responsible for the accident was negligent. Courts and state laws impose certain “duties of care” in various circumstances. A person or entity that does not live up to a duty of care and causes someone to be injured as a result is likely to be found negligent, and will have to pay the injured victim compensation if it is proven that this negligence proximately caused the victim’s injuries. However, establishing liability is often not straightforward, so victims should consult a Bronx spinal cord injury attorney who can craft a strategy specific to their situation.

Spinal cord injuries often happen as a result of car accidents, for example. There may be multiple parties who can be sued in these situations, not all of whom may be immediately obvious. In addition to suing the driver who hit you, your attorney may choose to sue other parties, perhaps including the driver’s employer, the manufacturer of a defective car part, or the entity responsible for maintaining the road. Bringing all of the defendants that may be liable into the case can help make sure that you receive the full amount of compensation that you are due.

In many spinal cord injury cases, the concept of “proximate cause” is the major battleground. Especially in car accident lawsuits and truck accident lawsuits in which the “No-Fault Law” applies, this is the case. This is because, except in cases involving paralysis, the issue of causation of spinal cord injuries is often very complicated due to the fact that natural degenerative processes at work in everyone’s body often pre-exist a traumatic injury, and defense attorneys and their medical experts will try to prove that pre-existing degenerative processes, and not a traumatic injury, is the cause of the victim’s disability, pain and suffering. Our expert accident lawyers have the requisite medical knowledge and access to the proper resources necessary to prove that your spinal cord injuries were the product of an accident, rather than a pre-existing degenerative condition, necessary for success.

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At Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, we take the time to understand each client’s unique individual circumstances and to keep the people whom we represent aware of their rights and options at every step of the way. After all, no two cases are the same, and we understand that the road to success is never the same between one case and another. We do this in part by carefully limiting the number of cases that we accept so that our clients can be certain that the proper amount of time, attention and resources is always being applied to their case. Our firm also offers clients direct contact with the lawyer handling their case, and clients will have their lawyer’s cell phone number to make sure that they are comfortable knowing that they can call their lawyer at any time to ask a question about their case. We offer free consultations at our offices in the Bronx and New York City, from which we serve clients throughout the Greater New York City region, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. We never charge a fee unless we are successful in obtaining compensation, nor to we ask clients to pay any of our expenses unless we win their case. Call us at (718) 354-8000 or contact us online to discuss your case today. Se habla espanol.