Using New York Labor Law § 240 to Secure Compensation

Falls From HeightLabor Law § 240, also called the “Scaffold Law,” requires contractors and owners of construction job sites to protect workers against “gravity-related” risks by ensuring that construction workers are provided with the proper protection on the job. At the heart of Labor Law § 240 is the requirement that adequate safety equipment and other measures be provided so that workers are not imperiled by risks related to falling from heights, or from being hit by falling objects. Labor Law § 240 imposes “strict liability” upon contractors (including both general contractors and sub-contractors) and owners of construction job sites to make absolutely certain that their construction workers in New York City and the Bronx are protected from “gravity-related” injuries such as falls from heights and being hit by falling objects while on the job; this means that owners and contractors cannot point the finger at and blame you, the worker, if we demonstrate that they have violated Labor Law § 240 and caused you injury.

While the concept underlying Labor Law § 240 is simple, experience and attention to detail is critical to successfully securing compensation for your Bronx construction injury under the law. Our team of personal injury lawyers has decades of experience representing construction injury victims investigating and prosecuting these types of claims, and has the knowledge and skill to make sure that the key facts of your case are brought to light so that your claims are successful. The knowledge and experience in the construction injury field that our personal injury attorneys have allows us to efficiently analyze your construction injury case: we speak the language of construction injury cases, and will bring our experience to bear upon defendants if we take your case.

Our team of personal injury lawyers has inimitable experience representing victims of construction injuries in cases involving falls from all sorts of scaffolds, including: Arial Scaffolds, Boatswains Chair Scaffolds, Bracket Scaffolds, Square Scaffolds, Form Scaffolds, Horse Scaffolds, Chicken Scaffolds, Hung Scaffolds, Mobile Scaffolds, Ladder Jack Scaffolds, Suspended Scaffolds, Needle Beam Scaffolds, Outrigger Scaffolds, Pump Jack Scaffolds, Catenary Scaffolds, Tube and Coupler Scaffolds, Swinging Scaffolds, and Window Jack Scaffolds. We also have a long history of securing just compensation for victims of construction injuries hurt by crane accidents, falling equipment and other gravity-related hazards on construction sites.