Eye Injuries

The gift of sight is among the greatest joys of being alive, and its loss is always devastating. Victims of personal injury accidents who lose the use of one or both eyes suffer not only tremendous and immediate physical agony, but are left with life-long emotional damage, as they can no longer fully participate in many of life’s greatest joys. Even partial loss of the use of an eye can wreak terrible havoc upon one’s ability to function in the workplace and enjoy life. Because of the delicate nature of the human eye, in many cases, even painful surgery, medicine and rehabilitation will not fully restore a victim of an eye injury accident. Because of the serious nature of the harm, coupled with the extreme complexity involved with eye injury accidents, top legal talent such as my team of personal injury lawyers is essential to achieve compensation for an eye injury.

Recognizing the nature and severity of an eye injury is essential to determining the best strategy for prosecuting an eye injury case. Experience and access to top-tier experts distinguishes my firm in this regard: we have the knowledge to quickly and accurately assess your case to determine how best to represent your interests and protect your rights if you or a loved one suffers a serious eye injury. We have extensive experience and a track record of success representing injured Bronx residents who have suffered serious eye injuries, including:


An injury caused by trauma to the eye which causes bleeding in the front chamber (also called the “anterior chamber”) of the eye which can result in permanent partial or complete loss of vision. When a hyphemia occurs, vision loss and pain can be exacerbated by increased pressure within the eye or blood staining the cornea (or a combination of both). Even those lucky enough to avoid a complete loss of vision can be left with blurred vision, pain from exposure to bright light, and discoloration of the eye. Those who suffer hyphemia are considered to be at a much higher risk of glaucoma, which can cause permanent blindness and extreme pain. In serious cases, surgery is needed to reduce the pressure within the eye in order to stave off even-more-serious consequences.

Retinal Detachment:

An injury that occurs when trauma to the eye causes the retina (the structure at the back of the eyeball that processes light and allows one to see) to partially or fully detach from the back of the eyeball. Initially, retinal detachment can cause “floaters” in the field of vision, loss of portions of the field of vision (peripheral vision, for example) or blurring of vision. If not treated promptly and correctly, retinal detachments can worsen as more of the retina becomes detached from the back of the eye. Eventually, if not treated, and in the most serious of cases, retinal detachment can cause total and permanent blindness.

Vitreous Hemorrhage:

An injury that occurs when serious trauma to the eye causes blood to enter the interior chamber of the eye. These injuries often need to be treated with surgery, as the serious pressure that they create upon key structures within the eye (the retina, the lens, etc.) can be permanent if not alleviated immediately. As with hyphemia, a vitreous hemorrhage can cause after-effects such as glaucoma and other problems that may ultimately cause partial or full permanent blindness.

Displacement of the Lens:

The lens of the eye filters and bends the light that enters the eye through the cornea and iris so that it can properly focus on the retina in the back of the eye and permit a person to see clearly. If the lens is knocked out of line, the light entering the eye will not focus properly on the retina, and the victim of such an injury will be unable to see. These injuries can be repaired with surgery, but such procedures are painful and bear risks of blindness and other permanent conditions that can affect victims for life.
As you can see, victims of serious eye injury accidents have a lot to contend with. Our personal injury lawyers have unparalleled experience representing victims of serious eye injuries in nearly every context imaginable. In the context of eye injury cases, an understanding of the immediate consequences of the trauma is not enough to fully protect your rights: your attorneys need to understand what the effects may be many years down the road in order to make sure that you are fully compensated. We understand what is needed to win in court, and offer our services to you and your family if a tragic and serious eye injury accident occurs.