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What is a “Lien” on a Personal Injury Case?

Imagine this:  You and your family have fought long and hard, along with your personal injury lawyer, to win your […]

Why Did My Personal Injury Lawyer Hire an Economist in My Case?

In many very serious personal injury lawsuits, the issue of economic loss – whether it be in the form of […]

Don’t Share It, Keep It To Yourself: Social Media and the Personal Injury Lawsuit

Among the most important parts of any personal injury or medical malpractice case is the “discovery” process.  “Discovery” refers to […]

“Where’s The Body?” – Jesse Minc Quoted in New York City Lens

Jesse Minc was quoted in the New York City Lens online news publication regarding an ongoing lawsuit against the R.G. […]

R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home in Bronx, New York Loses Track of Body, Tormenting Next of Kin

On January 27, 2017, Jesse Minc was quoted in the New York Post in an article regarding one of his […]

Lawsuit Loans: Lifesaver or a Total Scam? – Part 2

Litigation Funding and Lawsuit Loans: An Important Resource, or a Total Scam? – Part 2  This article is part 2 […]